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Harry Kirton is a London based artist who started his career as an actor almost a decade ago on the hit BBC show 'Peaky Blinders.' Acting has, and always will be, Harry's first love and main source of artistic expression. He is still acting currently.

After a few years in the acting industry, Harry also began modelling and has since worked with the likes of Lee Cooper and Thomas Pink on exciting campaigns. As a vegan, Harry hopes that he will be able to make an impact on the fashion industry by introducing more conversations about animal equality and our impact on the environment. 

BBG x Harry Kirton-16.jpg

In recent years, Harry's love of photography has developed into a sacred practice. Having worked in incredibly collaborative environments, the hypnotic solitude is what makes photography such a personal and spiritual exercise for Harry.

He has enjoyed experimenting with street photography and models whilst always striving to try something unfamiliar when he shoots. 

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